Pursuant to By-Laws, Article X, Section 10
The Notary Fund Committee shall consist of the Immediate Past President of the Association, the current President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Third Vice-President and the Treasurer. The current President shall be the Chair of this Committee. The Committee shall be responsible for the distribution of notary fees that are collected and held in escrow by the Michigan Department of Treasury. These fees are to be utilized for any educational and/or training seminars that are attended by members of the Michigan Association of County Clerks. The Committee shall be further responsible for the proper accounting of all funds and to ensure that the expended funds for said training meet the criteria as set by the Michigan Department of Treasury.

Marc Kleiman, Chair, Menominee
Ann Marie Main, Presque Isle
Elizabeth Hundley, Livingston
Nancy Waters, Muskegon
Linda Talsma, Marquette
Cheryl Kelly, Mason