Pursuant to By-Laws, Article X, Section 3
The Committee shall be comprised of three (3) Co-Chairs from the Republican and Democratic Parties. The Committee shall annually prepare a platform of legislative priorities to be presented to the Board of Directors at its Annual Meeting. The Committee revises and/or prepares legislation, attends functions of the various legislative bodies and issues position statements on behalf of the Association when appropriate. The Committee activities shall be open to all members of the Association. Notice of Committee activities shall be given by Co-Chairs of the Committee. The Co-Chairs shall initiate such activities and shall be required to achieve the purposes of the Association. The Co-Chairs of the Legislative Committee shall also serve as the directors of the MACC-PAC.

Barb Byrum, Co-Chair, Ingham
Justin Roebuck, Co-Chair, Ottawa
Lindsay Oswald, Co-Chair, St. Joseph
Marc Kleiman, Menominee
Ann Manary, Midland
Kristen Millard, Montcalm
Sharon Tyler, Berrien
Nancy Waters, Muskegon
Lisa Posthumus Lyons, Kent
Meredith Place, Kalamazoo
Lisa Brown, Oakland
Marney Kast, Hillsdale
Suzie Roehm, VanBuren
Kerrie Hulme, Gladwin
Vanessa Guerra, Saginaw

Terry Kubasiak, Branch
Elizabeth Hundley, Livingston
Diana Bosworth, Eaton